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Decolonizing Water Governance: Addressing the Water Crisis in Ontario Through Recognition of First Nations Jurisdiction

This paper proposes an approach to decolonizing water governance in Ontario along two pathways: Pathway One (short to medium term) concern reforms that must be taken to address the water crisis from within the colonial system; and, Pathway Two (medium to long term) concerns the process and formalization of restored jurisdiction to First Nations regarding water governance that aligns with Indigenous knowledge, customs, and traditions and self-determination.
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Mishkeegogamang First Nation lifts long-term boil water advisory with the help of OFNTSC’s HUB Program

MISHKEEGOGAMANG FIRST NATION, ON – Since the inception of the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation’s (OFNTSC) HUB program on Sept 14, 2020, HUB technicians have had the pleasure of working with, and providing expert water treatment support to Mishkeegogamang First Nation. Through the process of local analysis/testing and operational support, Mishkeegogamang First Nation Chief David Masakeyash was able to make the decision to rescind the long-term boil water advisory.