The role of our board is to ensure long-term success and sustainability for OFNTSC and to enhance accountability and transparency.

The board composition is designed to represent and serve our stakeholders. It is appointed by our Voting Members, which ensures there is strong accountability to the people and communities we serve. 


Board diversity criteria

  • At least 70% are citizens of an Ontario First Nation
  • At least 60% have experience working for and in an Ontario First Nation
  • At least one director each from: Northern Ontario, Southern/Eastern Ontario, an unaffiliated First Nation
  • At least 30% female
  • A range of ages are represented
  • At least one designated accountant

Board expertise

First Nations A venn diagram shows First Nations Representation, Corporate Governance Expertise, and Technical Expertise intersecting equally as three large circles

  • Working in First Nations in Ontario
  • Working with First Nations political leaders and/or funders
  • First Nation infrastructure maintenance/construction/asset management


  • Water and wastewater infrastructure/operations
  • Environmental science/management
  • Executive level experience in research and developing technology

Corporate & Governance

  • Training and experience as a corporate director
  • Financial oversight
  • Information management and technology
  • Knowledge of the legal and fiduciary duties of directors of a not-for-profit corporation

We have a best-in-class board with extensive local and national experience in the areas that are relevant to the success of OFNTSC and our stakeholders.


William (Bill) Hutchison was born and raised in Dryden, Ontario.  In his family’s heavy equipment construction company, Bill learned and implemented the mechanical, operational, engineering and accoun
Mr. Rozon is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in the industrial and housing industries. Born and raised in northern Ontario, he is familiar with challenges facing First Nations
Aaron Genereux is currently OFNTSC's Board President. He brings over 20 years of experience working in Engineering with First Nations communities.
Mr. Gordon has dedicated his career to working in environments that promote and support communities becoming progressive and healthy through technical assistance and support.
Mr. Schisler is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and has over 25 years of project management experience in the civil/environmental fields working on a variety of projects
Over the course of her career, Ms. Black has gained invaluable experience and exposure to infrastructure issues in First Nations across Canada.
Mr. Buckell has gained valuable and direct experience in community operations and maintenance of water treatment and waste management over the course of his career
Ms. Comegan is a proven leader who is passionate about contributing to the growth and financial success of First Nation communities and Indigenous organizations
Ms. Corston is a passionate professional with a proven track record in program planning and management, community-based research and policy analysis, health and social services planning, and community
Dr. Dubé is an executive leader with an exemplary technical and professional services background in environmental sciences, water and wastewater, and emergency management
Ms. Landry is an experienced professional with a broad range of interests and skills. With over 35 years of experience working for profit and not-for-profit organizations