Water Treatment Plant

HUB Update - 11/29/2022

The OFNTSC HUB team is pleased to continue our on-site water and wastewater technical support services to 22 participating communities. Since the Fall of 2020, our team of certified industry professionals has been committed to being the best possible resource for First Nations drinking water operators while providing support in the reliable production of safe drinking water.

All HUB team members travel extensively on a weekly basis throughout Ontario to meet with operators to collaborate and share knowledge in industry best practices in order to improve operations and maintenance and to meet operational compliance with relevant jurisdictional water/wastewater acts and regulations.

To date, HUB has been fortunate to grow strong working relationships with many First Nations communities drinking water operators and assist them in resolving operational challenges large and small; including assisting to resolve long-term and short-term boil water advisories. Many First Nations communities continue to struggle with the impacts of long-standing drinking water issues and HUB's much-needed commitment to continue to deliver these important on-site supportive services remains strong.

Proudly, the HUB service is an extension of a large OFNTSC team, dedicated to long-term drinking water solutions for all First Nations in Ontario. Whether assisting with accessing funding for water/wastewater treatment facility improvements and construction or by supporting communities with their commitments to addressing these long-standing issues, this team’s wherewithal is present. HUB is proud to continue to deliver on our important role on the OFNTSC team.

As we look back over the last two years, HUB can also be proud of our accomplishments working with facility operators and community representatives. Some of these include ensuring all participating communities' water treatment systems have up-to-date 'Emergency Response Plans' or are well on their way to having them finalized. The successful introduction of the 'Computerized Maintenance Management System', where more than 800 facility assets and counting are able to be tracked and scheduled for preventative maintenance or repair. Countless repairs, inspections, recommendations, and sampling have been conducted to date.

These same two years have not come without their challenges, recognizing First Nations have long struggled with drinking water-related issues, HUB shares in these challenges and the goals needed to address them once and for all. These shared challenges include critical staffing shortages, aging staff, succession planning, remoteness and logistics, rising costs of operations and supplies, administrative assistance and training, reliable 3 rd party services, and meaningful maintenance management programs.

Things to look forward to as we enter into 2023;

  • A continued education campaign to formally train and license operators including encouraging the participation of administrative staff.
  •  Community engagement - Meeting with community leads on a more regular basis to discuss and identify opportunities to enhance both HUB services and FN supported initiatives.
  • Maintenance management -  focusing on planning and scheduling.
  • Developing a long-term service strategy concept.
  • Year 2 of a five-year funding commitment.

HUB extends our appreciation to our hard-working team of professionals who are committed to safe reliable drinking water in all First Nations. HUB also extends our appreciation to all 22 participating communities and their continued support in seeing that HUB grows to a full-service offering.

Fall Staff Highlights:

HUB welcomes new Operators in Training, Josee Street and Dyami Tuskin. Operators in Training are vital to facility operations and ensuring staffing shortage gaps are filled. Successful applicants through the FINYES program, play a key role in assisting Hub staff on-site where they gain the entry-level skills and time needed to progress their operational licenses and advance their careers.

Introducing HUB's toll-free number: 1-833-544-6424

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